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Designed to ensure the quality of your crops

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Affordable Sensor Technology for Greenhouses


Our sensors our wireless, have an astounding battery life and are designed to be durable and precise. To ensure you can do something with that data, our software is included without additional cost. Sigrow focusses mostly on user experience, with easy UI and great support.

Each model can be individually modified with solar panels, ventilators and/or branded placement ‘chairs’.


Essential Sensors


Sigrow AIR

Sigrow Air is our most fundamental sensor. A must have for any greenhouse.

- Light PAR (umol/m2/s)
- Air Temperature (°C/F)
- Humidity (%)


Sigrow AIR PRO

Sigrow Air Pro is ideal to detect photosynthesis bottlenecks. This means more with less.

- Light PAR (umol/m2/s)
- Air Temperature (°C/F)
- Humidity (%)
- CO2 (ppm)

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Sigrow Soil Pro is our best-seller sensor and for a good reason! It measures everything.

- Light PAR (umol/m2/s)
- Air Temperature (°C/F) & Humidity (%)
- Substrate Temperature (°C/F)
- Volumetric Water Content (%),
- Bulk EC (ms/m)


Expert Sensors

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Mass Start is designed to monitor irrigation of germination and seed trays wirelessly. Accurate and easy to use/install, and with customizable size.

- Measures up to 20 kg
- Accuracy: ±20 g
- Battery life: +6 months on rechargeable 2xAA batteries
- Sampling time: 15 minutes
- Up to 100 sensors per central unit

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Thermal Camera measures leaf temperature with astounding accuracy to ensure an optimal photosynthesis and accurate water uptake.

- Resolution: 206x156 pixels
- Feedback system to climate screens
- Online access to live feed
- Custom installation in your greenhouse



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