Affordable and state of the art

Stop being in the dark about your greenhouse climate and start measuring all the variables you need to actually make the right decisions. We developed scientifically tested sensors to make sure you get the data your need.

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Know all your climate variables to uncover unknown bottlenecks

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Eliminate local fluctuations, and find the specific differences within greenhouses

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Continuously monitor everything, with real-time access from anywhere, anytime

Be alerted when variables get out of bound



Have all climate data at your fingertips,
at all times

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Measure everything precisely,
to find the answers you need

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Easily analyse your data,
in our user friendly web&mobile app

Sigrow makes sense of your climate data

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Simple but powerful technology
Made in Holland

We design our own tech to ensure we are leaders in horticulture innovation.

Sigrow sensors guarantee the safety of your greenhouse with real-time access and alerts. Your climate data is accessible from anywhere through the app. Install easily and make your data fun!

  • An affordable solution to ensure the best possible conditions of your plants or seeds.

  • All-time availability, of your climate data. Everything at your fingertips, in real time.

  • Easily installed, to quickly start creating the optimal conditions in your greenhouse.


“To measure is to know”

“I now see that we were completely clueless about our local climate variables. With the data of the sensors we could make calculated decisions, for the first time!”

(“Nu zie ik pas dat we echt geen idee hadden hoe onze variabelen zich lokaal gedroegen. Met de data van de sensoren konden we eindelijk doordachte beslissingen maken, voor het eerst!”) - Jan, owner Evanty Anthuriums


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