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How data improved our clients’ greenhouses


Evanty Anthurium

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Evanty is the top Anthurium producer in The Netherlands.
By producing the highest quality flowers, they have established themselves as market leader, and are exporting to many countries around the world.

With many biotech already in use, Evanty can put the data from our sensors to optimal use.

How our sensors were a research tool for Evanty



In caring for growing Anthuriums, water management is undoubtedly the most important factor. With 8 of our Soil Pro sensors we compared the soil quality & humidity of 2 potential providers of Evanty.

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These results clearly show the soil humidity of the two types over 4 weeks. Evanty could easily see how these different soils are locking in water. Now they know the status of their soil quality at all times.

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We gave our client clear data and made the comparison and easy choice for them. Not only with this new soil, but also with improved watering and maintenance techniques, Evanty significantly improved their yield quality.

Blom KENTIA Palms


Blom Kentia Palms is a family business runs one of the most modern palm nurseries in Europe. From Aalsmeer, they supply customers worldwide with their Kentias. Blom is a well-known and respected name in the horticultural sector.

Our continuous data measurement was especially useful for their growth optimization.


How we optimized Blom's growing quality



Kentia palms grow optimally in a precise and controllable environment, which is only viable with accurate measurement. Our soil and air sensors provided precisely that for Blom Kentia Palms!



With the help of our comprehensive data monitoring, Blom was able to make precise decisions regarding the watering and (lighting) placement. They discovered suboptimal photosynthesis due to suboptimal lighting and watering conditions.



With this new data, Blom was able to make significant changes and keep improving on the data they gathered. The new controlled environment provides a better growth situation for Kentia. The results were even visually clear, as shown above.