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We can only control

what we measure



Sense more, know more, do more

control and datalogging
Sigrow's sensors ando crops measurement systems

1 kilometer wireless range (100 hectares)

Install it yourself

Free online interface for plots, csv, graphics

Peace of mind

Resting assure, knowing that everything is going well is one of the best sensations in the world. Our devices sample all your climate every 5 minutes so you can know that you got the best climate all-the-time.


We design our devices and make them so we can offer you the best quality to price

Simple and powerful

You will receive the sensors turned on and with your account created. Our installation manual is 1 page, connect 2 cables and voila! It's not rocket science.

As growers we are being asked daily to achieve the impossible: To grow better at lower cost. I believe that climate data will help us in this challenge because plants grow better when we unlock their limiting factor.” Javier Lomas, Sigrow founder