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 Ensure the Safety of Your Greenhouse

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Wireless Sensor Technology for Greenhouses

The products of Sigrow are developed for horticulture greenhouses. Our Sigrow Sensors enable growers to monitor the most fundamental climate variables within one devices. Real-time data, optimized with the latest scientific models, is readily available on desktop and mobile app.




Sigrow SOIL PRO®

Sigrow Soil Pro is our best-seller sensor and for a good reason!

It measures everything:

- Light: PAR (umol/m2/s)
- Air: Temperature & Humidity (%)
- Substrate: Volumetric Water Content (%), Bulk EC (ms/m) & Temperature

Most important characteristics:

- 2 months autonomy with simply 2 AA batteries
- 1 Km radio range
- Less than 2% absolute error in Volumetric Water Content
- 1 sample every 5 minutes with all the variables


Sigrow AIR®

Sigrow Ai® is our most essential sensor. Everything in horticulture starts with the light:

- LightPAR (umol/m2/s)
- AirTemperature (°C/F)Humidity (%)

Most important characteristics:

- More than 5 months battery life on 2 AA batteries
- 1 sample every 5 minutes
- 1 Km range from central

We've also included a ventilation add-on to correct for temperature bias due to irradiation available upon request. Less than 5% error in PAR readings against state of the art Li-Cor PAR sensors


Sigrow AIR PRO®

What's your yield limiting factor? Air Pro is ideal to detect photosynthesis bottlenecks. This means more with less:

- LightPAR (umol/m2/s)
- AirTemperature (°C/F)Humidity (%)CO2 (ppm)

Most relevant features:

- 1 month on 2xAA batteries;
- 1 Km range from Central;
- Calibration for CO2 with the click of a button monthly;
- CO2: 0 to 2000 ppm;
- CO2: +-50 ppm accuracy.

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Our New Sensors

Mass Start®
Easy to use: place on dry tray, click button, place your wet tray, that’s it!

- Measure up to 20 kg;
- Accuracy: ±20 g;
- Battery life: +6 months on rechargeable 2xAA batteries;
- Sampling time: 15 minutes;
- Radio range: +300 meter from central in greenhouse environment;

Thermal Camera+®
Ensure optimal photosynthesis and water uptake status.

- Close your climate screen at the right time;
- Resolution 206 x 156 pixels;
- Online access;
- Easy installation in your greenhouse.

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All data combined,
available in one place

Multiple sensors feed into the same application. The app is available in real-time on:

- Mobile
- Desktop

Never worry about your greenhouse. Set alerts and monitor your data from anywhere, anytime.