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State of the art sensor technology tailored to your greenhouse


How to grow the perfect crops?

In the ambitious horticulture industry, small improvements can make or break the competitive advantage of your yield. To ensure optimal growth conditions, it's key to find and eliminate local fluctuations and make calculated decisions about your greenhouse climate.

In Holland, we say: “To measure, is to know”, which can't be more true in the controlled environment of a greenhouse. Uncover your hidden bottlenecks by monitoring the exact climate variables that are important for your crops.

A sensor for any specific need
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Why Sigrow sensors?

Honest Pricing

Affordable grade-A sensors that are durable and precise. Straightforward prices without hidden fees or subscriptions.

Made In wageningen

Dutch technology, created in the center of horticulture innovation.

beauty in simplicity

Simple but powerful. Easily installed, modified and operated.
Designed by growers, for growers.


Free software designed for clarity and convenience

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An app designed to create the perfect greenhouse conditions

We designed our software to ensure clarity and convenience. All sensors connect through a central unit to the internet. With our software you can access your data from anywhere on the planet.

On the mobile or desktop app, your data is visible in any format or timeframe you choose. Export easily and integrate with any of your existing


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Outstanding user experience

Web and mobile application

View your data from anywhere on the device of your choice.

Continuous monitoring and alerts

Be alerted immediately, when variables get out of bound.

effortless data handling

Graphs, tables and plots, all easily exported to any platform you like.


Sigrow makes sense of your climate data


Growing with expertise

With a team of plant science graduates, we work with clients to achieve the maximum impact of our technology. From consultation to installation, our service is what makes us stand out.

Free advice on how sensors and data can optimize your yield?


Proud of our clients and partners

Evanty Anthurium

To measure is to know

“I now see that we were completely clueless about our local climate variables. With the data of the sensors we could make calculated decisions, for the first time!”

Jan, Owner Evanty

GROWx Vert Farming


Driving innovation

“We want to be ahead of the curve with everything we do. Your sensors helped us do that by gathering data on our operations, which we now use for all our crops!”

Alberto, Head of Product

WUR Plant Research


Creating real science

“For research you need precision, but what I like the most about the Sigrow sensors, was how easy it was to use. Normally data gathering is a lot of hassle!”

Pieter, PhD Advance Cropping Systems

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Can your greenhouse be optimized any further?

Interested to see if your operations can benefit from data? Let's have a chat and explore if sensors can help your crops.

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