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Our mission is to innovate the horticulture industry globally

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make horticulture knowledge global.

Technology is deeply rooted in our company. From Wageningen, the center of agriculture innovation, we make all the knowledge accessible to everyone by creating affordable technologies. Our technology brings innovation that enables data-based decisions inside your greenhouses.

We avoid using super complex methods that need weeks to analyse. Instead, we create solutions where data transforms into improvements. That’s why we have chosen a comprehensive set of variables that are measured by our sensors, in order for you to analyse the plant physiology at every single batch of your operation.


Our Team

Despite the highly multicultural culture of our company, we have a very strong singular focus.

We have the knowledge about useful technology and growing plants. But more than just pure engineers, we pay special love of growing plants but can also understand machines.

We are well prepared to make useful solutions and to solve your problems.